Diets rich in sugar and processed food and a general lack of exercise have resulted in nearly 35% of Americans being diabetic or prediabetic. Essentially, this means their body’s are not efficiently processing sugar in the blood or producing the insulin required to bring energy to the cells of the body.  Being diabetic or prediabetic increases the risk of many unwanted health conditions, including heart disease, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Once diagnosed as diabetic or prediabetic, Americans typically turn to medicine to treat these conditions. Fortunately, there are several natural steps that will regulate blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes – often more effective than medications.  Here are four ways to start:

Remove Simple Carbohydrates From Diet

Carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy. However, simple carbohydrates, including sugar and refined and bleached flour, cause insulin resistance and sugardramatic spikes in insulin and lead to varying energy levels related to blood sugar rising and crashing.   Carbohydrates are converted into sugar or glucose; when too much glucose is in the blood, the body produces excess insulin and stores the glucose as fat.   Replace simple carbohydrates with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

Remove and Reduce Stress

While easier said than done, removing stress is vital to sound health and wellness.  Stress is known as a silent killer, often contributing to dangerous weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes.

As stress levels increase, the body releases excess levels of hormones.  These hormones interfere with the natural, healthy production of hormones, often leading to problems with metabolism and the ability to burn fat and excess calories – leading to increased blood sugar levels and weight gain.

Regular and appropriate rest, engaging in a regular and taxing exercise program, meditation and a diet of healthy, natural foods are recommended for managing stress and anxiety.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to remove sugar from the blood and to balance insulin levels  While any form of exercise is beneficial, high intensity exercise programs have been shown to be most effective in regulating blood sugar levels.

Promote a Healthy Gut and Digestive System

probThe digestive system is the first line of defense against weight gain and poor health.  Avoiding simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed foods allow the digestive system to become more efficient and effective in breaking down foods.  Ensuring a healthy level of probiotics, the good bacteria, is also essential for gut health.  Supplementing with a high quality probiotic will help ensure the recommended 9:1 good to bad bacteria level in your digestive system.


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