We recommend the ingredients in Biotrust Ic-5 supplement to help increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin resistance.

Preferably, whenever you take in carbohydrates, here’s what you would like to take place:

    1. Minimal insulin release. This happens whenever your body is highly sensitive to insulin. When it is, just a a little bit of insulin is required to efficiently and effectively clear glucose out of your bloodstream to its storage sites. This really is very good news since your entire body has an extremely hard time burning body fat in the presence of insulin. The less insulin you’ve got in your blood, the better for fat loss.
    1. Fast and efficient blood glucose clearance. Once again, this will happen whenever your body is highly sensitive to insulin.
    1. Maximum glycogen uptake. Glycogen is the term used with regard to stored carbohydrates inside muscle tissue. When muscle tissue is highly sensitive to insulin, the majority of blood glucose will likely be saved in muscle tissue, instead of body fat.
    1. Minimal fat storage. Once you increase insulin sensitivity, specifically in skeletal muscle tissue, the body will tend to store your carbohydrate consumption as energy in muscle tissue rather than body fat.biotrust ic-5

Yet again, your body’s capability to process the carbs you take in all is dependent on your insulin sensitivity as well as your body’s capability to efficiently and quickly shuttle carbs to muscle tissue and not body fat.

So exactly how can you increase insulin sensitivity?  Click here to find out more

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