Put sugar in your mouth and your taste buds quickly register the sweetness associated with it.  New research is demonstrating that these sweet taste buds aren’t just found on the tongue, rather they are found  in many places in the human body; including in the intestinal tract.

These new findings, reported in the journal Diabetes, are proving to be significant for those diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.  The research, carried out by researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia, found that healthy adults demonstrated regulated glucose uptake roughly 1/2 hours after sensing glucose.  On the other hand, under the same conditions, type 2 diabetics demonstrated a much faster glucose uptake.

Specifically, researchers reported people with diabetics absorbed larger amount of glucose much faster than healthy adults.  While diabetes has Gut Healthlong been associated with insulin, this ground breaking research is the demonstrating the role of the digestive system, and particularly the gut, in the process of managing blood glucose levels - especially in those with diabetes.

Combined with research that demonstrates the far reaching health impact of the digestive system on the immune system, weight control, hormone production, and cognitive function; this research lends new credibility to the important role of gut health and also to the role probiotics plays in the regulation of blood glucose levels.

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The complete research study is available at:

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