Burning fat and losing excess weight is vital for overall health and wellness.  Many diet and exercise programs claim amazing, rapid results with little effort.  Unfortunately, most of the claims made by these programs are done so with the goal of encouraging you to purchase a product, not improve your overall health.

The truth is that lasting weight loss is a challenging process that requires dedication and commitment to changes in the way you currently eat and exercise.  As you move forward in your weight loss effort, keep these top 5 fat burning diet and exercise tips in mind:

Fat Loss is a Total Body Process

People often want to lose extra fat around their stomach, waist or legs.  While these areas tend to be common areas of excess fat accumulation, theTop 4 Fat Burning Diet and Exercise Tips body is unable to reduce fat in only certain areas.  Burning excess fat is a detailed scientific process; at its simplest, it requires continual burning of more calories than consumed.

As this happens, the body taps fat reserves to compensate for the caloric needs; as more fat is burned, excess areas of fat shrink.  Unfortunately, the body is not able to decide where it burns fat from.  On the bright side, continued over an extended period of time, the body will burn fat from many areas – resulting in overall weight and fat loss

Walking is Good, Increased Cardio is Better

Increasing the amount of movement will increase the number of calories burnt on a daily basis.  Walking is a good way to burn a few extra calories, but increasing your heart rate for an extended period of time is a better way to lose weight and burn fat.  There are several great ways to increase the amount of cardio in your exercise routine.  Consider increasing the amount of time you jog or bike by 5 or 10 minutes per session, better yet increase both time and intensity.

Increased Cardio is Better, But Strength Training is Best

Body FatWhile increasing the amount of cardio increases the amount of calories you burn, adding a strength training program will kick your weight loss efforts into high gear.  As you build muscle, your body must burn more calories to fuel and sustain it.  This results in a constant, steady increase in the number of calories the body burns.  There is a wide variety of strength-training programs, including body weight workouts, interval training, and traditional weight-lifting programs.  Beginners should look to incorporate a strength training program two to three times a week.

Add Fat Burning Foods To Your Diet

People have demonstrated consistent weight loss through a diet of five to six small meals each day; the types of food is equally important.  There is various research that demonstrates certain foods, like hot peppers and cinnamon, can increase metabolism.  There are also foods that may not increase metabolism, but do provide the fuel needed to burn excess fat and increase weight loss results; most of these foods consist of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh and fruits and vegetables.

Regardless of where you are in your fitness effort, the most important tip is to stay dedicated and never, ever give up.



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