Recognizing the severity associated with gluten sensitivity, the Gluten Free Society was created by Dr. Peter Osborne as a way to educate both doctors and patients about the effects of gluten sensitivity.

Diagnosed cases of gluten intolerance, gluten allergies and celiac disease affect an estimated 1% of the population. In addition, millions of people suffer debilitating and harmful health effects resulting from undiagnosed cases of gluten reactions. Fortunately, when researching gluten free diets and ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent gluten sensitivity issues, I found Dr. Peter Osborne and the Gluten Free Society an expert on these complaints.

Who is Dr. Peter Osborne?

Dr. Peter Osborne is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and holds a doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine from Texas Chiropractic College.  Practicing since
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2001, Dr. Osborne is dedicated to the holistic natural treatment of gluten sensitivity and gluten allergy symptoms.  A nationally respected lecturer, Dr. Osborne regularly presents to doctors and health care providers specifically on the topics of gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, and gluten intolerance.  A Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine, Dr. Osborne’s primary focus is on identifying and treating the root cause of disease rather than the symptoms caused by the disease.  Read more about Dr. Osborne’s philosophy below.

What is Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Intolerance, and Celiac Disease?

Gluten sensitivity, also knowns as gluten intolerance, contributes to significant health issues in an estimated 20% of the population.  Currently, over 50 different diseases are linked to health issues resulted from eating gluten, the protein found in wheat, grains, and foods made from these products.  It is important to note that gluten intolerance is not celiac disease.  While the two conditions are both caused by gluten, they are not the same condition.

Celiac Disease

Currently, medical professionals estimate that roughly 1% of the population are diagnosed with celiac disease.  Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that causes the body to create an abnormal immune response when gluten is consumed; left untreated, celiac disease causes significant damage to the digestive system.  Specifically, celiac induced damage to the small intestine results in the body’s inability to absorb essential nutrients, causing other, significant health issues.

How The Gluten Free Society Helps

DNA ManRecognizing the potential epidemic associated with gluten intolerance, gluten allergies, wheat sensitivity and celiacs disease, Dr. Osborne created the Gluten Free Society in 2010.  The goal of the Gluten Free Society is to educate doctors and patients of the severe and wide ranging effects associated with gluten sensitivity and gluten allergy symptoms.  In addition to providing the most relevant issues associated with gluten sensitivity, Dr. Osborne provides a member forum for users to discuss their specific, individual health concerns, gluten sensitivity and celiac DNA genetic testing services, a complete line of gluten free products, including apps, gluten free recipe guides, gluten free food list, supplements, and a complete video education series.  The Gluten Free Society is the one stop for anyone suffering from gluten sensitivity, wheat intolerance, or celiac disease.

Gluten Sensitivity Signs and Symptoms

With nearly 99% of gluten intolerance and celiacs disease cases never diagnosed or treated, recognizing the signs and symptoms are an essential first-step in developing and effective gluten-free diet plan.  Among the many, many symptoms associated with gluten intolerance and celiacs disease include:

  • Regular and Repeated Digestive Issues, including bloating, gas, cramping, and diarrhea;

  • Lack of Energy, especially immediately after eating (and including both mental and physical fatigue);

  • Previous Diagnosis of an Autoimmune Disease, including (but not limited to) thyroid conditions, lupus, Graves Disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis;

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Joint Pain, Swelling, and other symptoms associated with Inflammation

  • Anxiety, Depression or Significant Mood Swings

Click here for Dr. Osborne’s’ complete list of who should be genetically (DNA) tested for gluten sensitivity

Interestingly, both gluten intolerance and celiacs disease can be asymptomatic, meaning they are present in the body with out any signs or symptoms.  However it is important to point out that while the condition(s) may be present without symptom in the body, if present, they are still causing damage – especially over time.  Due to the asymptomatic nature of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, it is estimated that only 5% to 10% of all cases are ever diagnosed!

The only sure way to diagnose these conditions is to be tested for antibodies that indicate an unusual response to gluten by the immune system.  Most people need to visit their doctor for this test; however, Dr. Osborne provides access to at-home genetic (DNA) Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease test kits through the Gluten Free Society web page.

Dr. Osborne’s Philosophy: Functional Pastoral Medicine

In addition to the most relevant and up to date information on all aspects of gluten sensitivity, the other major reason Health News Wires is endorsing Dr. Peter Osborne and the Gluten Free Society if for their commitment to patient care and education.

Dr. Osborne Becomes Part of Your Team!

Dr. Osborne practices natural integrative holistic care and employs natural medical treatment, this is also known as Functional Pastoral Medicine.  Providing quality health care and health education requires a commitment from physician and patient to a team effort; Dr. Osborne understands and promotes this team approach to natural treatment.

Dr. Osborne’s Commitment to Treating Patients as Individuals: A Commitment to YOU

Being a functional pastoral medicine physician, Dr. Osborne is committed to working with his patients to identifying and treating the cause of individual’s health issues.  This is a drastic difference when compared to most health care providers who are bound by quotas, insurance constraints and influenced by pharmaceutical companies.  When working with his patients, Dr. Osborne considers each person’s unique genetics, biochemical makeup, and lifestyle when developing a plan to restore health and educate patients on health maintenance and wellness.  Dr. Osborne recognizes us for who we are – individuals!  For this reason, Health News Wires recommends Dr. Peter Osborne and the Gluten Free Society.

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