Increase Fat Burning and Weight Loss with a Big Breakfast

Making breakfast the  largest meal of the day may increase fat burning; speed up weight-loss; and decrease insulin, blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.  New research published in the journal Obesity studied weight loss trends over 12-weeks among two groups of women, one group who consumed 700 calories at breakfast, 500 calories during lunch, and 200 calories during dinner and the other group who reversed the amount of calories consumed at breakfast (200) and dinner (700).

A Large Breakfast Resulted In More Than Double the Weight Loss

While research demonstrated that both groups of women lost weight during the course of the study, the group eating the largest amount of photo (6)calories lost significantly more weight than the other group (17.8 lbs compared to 7.3 lbs).  The big breakfast group also lost an average of 3 inches off their waistline; the dinner group lost an average of 1.4 inches

The complete research study titled: High Caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner deferentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women is available by clicking:

More Fat-Burning Hormones and Lower Insulin Levels

Blood SugarInterestingly, most of the calories consumed during the 700-calorie breakfast came in the form of “unhealthy” cheat-foods  like cake and cookies.  The women eating a large breakfast also demonstrated a healthier level of hunger controlling and fat-burning hormones ghrelin and leptin; an indication that the body was producing hormones that burn fat and suppress appetite throughout the day.  These women also demonstrated more controlled, regular blood-sugar levels throughout the day, avoiding the insulin-spike that leads to binge eating and energy crashes.

While further research into the weight-loss and health benefits of eating a big breakfast is needed, researchers are optimistic that this research into eating the right foods at the right time and participating in regular exercise will demonstrate sustainable weight-loss results.

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