Insulin, once thought of as a necessary treatment option of diabetics, may not  be essential for survival or treatment of diabetes. Researchers from the University of Geneva are optimistically promoting new findings that indicate leptin, the fat-burning and appetite regulating hormone, may eliminate the need for insulin injections used to manage diabetes.

For years, insulin injections and insulin pumps have been used to regulate the level of insulin in the blood and prevent insulin resistance and diabetes, allowing the body to manage glucose and photo (2)production of energy by the cells.  While injections and pumps have been vital to survival for many diabetics, they are also not without serious health side effects.

Errors in insulin dosing have commonly lead to the condition hypoglycemia, in which glucose levels are decreased to dangerous levels – often to the point of unconsciousness.  Over 90% of insulin-injecting diabetics over the age of 55 develop cardiovascular disease, often due to high cholesterol resulting from the lipogenic – or fat-producing – properties of insulin.

Leptin May Replace Insulin Injections

Lab studies demonstrated that administering leptin, when insulin was not present allowed rats to survive without incident. The leptin demonstrated the first potential alternative to insulin; leptin also does not cause hypoglycemia nor does it have the  lipogenic properties of insulin.

diabetes exercise

“Through this discovery, the path to offering an alternative to insulin treatment is emerging. Now we need to understand the mechanisms through which leptin affects glucose level, regardless of insulin level,” lead researcher Coppari explained.

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