Leptin, the powerful fat-burning hormone, is proving to be important for more than just weight loss and fat burning.  In addition to supporting weight loss and treatment of obesity, leptin is also being used to increase appetite and energy production, slow the loss of bone density, and as part of a treatment for eating disorders.

Specifically, researchers from the Harvard Medical Center have found that leptin is important in controlling appetite and the production of women leptinenergy.  As part of a new study, leptin is being used as a treatment for negative energy balance in women with abnormally low body fat or other health conditions.  Using leptin as a treatment for energy production not only increases appetite, but also slows the loss of bone density and prevents disturbances associated with a regular, healthy menstrual cycle.

Leptin Improves Appetite Control and Regulates Hormones

leptin womenThese findings were concluded after Harvard researchers used leptin to treated women who stopped menstruating as a result of extreme exercise or dieting.  After three months of treatment with leptin, all women receiving leptin supplements twice a day demonstrated a return to normal levels of reproductive hormones and improved levels of bone density.

Leptin is demonstrating to have numerous health benefits that range from improved fat burning and weight loss to improved hormone regulation and bone density.

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