Some fans live and die with their teams outcome each Sunday.  New research shows that they way football fans eat after a game may actually be a matter of life and death.  The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, shows that fans eat a significantly higher amount of fat, calories, and junk food the Monday after their team losses.

This is not the only research demonstrating damaging self-behavior after a favorite sports team losses.  Other research has demonstrated an increase in alcohol consumption, crime, traffic deaths and even domestic violence after a fan’s favorite team losses.

The research demonstrating increased consumption of junk food, including pizza, wings, beer and nachos, also shows an increased likelihood to binge if the team loses by only a few points.

Researchers concluded these findings after examining the food diaries of people in cities that had NFL teams and people in cities that did not.  The researchers only studied two specific areas:  the amount of calories consumed and the amount of saturated fat consumed.  From the researchers perspective, saturated fat and excess calories where the two main contributors to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Fans Consume More Fat and Calories After A Loss

Surprisingly, the research demonstrated that a loss by an NFL team meant the people in that team’s city ate 10 percent more calories and 16 football foodpercent more saturated fat than normal on the following Monday.  The researchers also reported that when a team won, the people in that city consumed nearly 10 percent less saturated fat and 5 percent less calories than normal.

Further proof of sports influence on diet was demonstrated when fans watched a replay of their favorite team’s loss.  Fans of losing teams consistently reported an overwhelming urge to eat unhealthy food; much more so than after they watched a replay of a victory by their favorite team.

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