New findings by a team of Harvard School of Public Health researchers demonstrates indisputable correlations between how people eat, their lifestyle choices, and even the medication they use to treat disease and the extraordinary rise in obesity and diabetes rates in the United States.

Going back to the beginning of civilization, researchers point out that early humans were able to gain weight when large quantities of food was available, specifically in anticipation that the food sources would soon disappear.  Our ancient ancestors may have needed to do this in order to survive, however modern Americans continue to overconsume in “times of plenty”.  Currently, food is readily available, but also processed, carbohydrate-based, genetically modified and often includes large portions of red meat.  All of these contribute to an environment that contributes to gaining weight, insulin resistance, diabetes and poor health.

Lifestyle Choices Affect Weight, Weight Affects Your Health

Researchers provide compelling evidence demonstrating lifestyle choices affect weight and weight affects health, especially blood sugar levels anddiabetes obesity in developing diabetes.  Specifically, being slightly overweight increases chances of developing diabetes 5 fold; severely obese people increase their diabetes risk by 60 times.  Further evidence of the overweight-diabetes connection is provided by the fact that 30% of people overweight have diabetes and a staggering 85% of diabetics are overweight.

The number of people considered overweight or obese in America has increased from 13% to 34% in the last 40 years; the number of people with diabetes has doubled during that same time period.

Not smoking, eating properly, and keeping a healthy weight — a body mass index of under 25 — reduces the risk of diabetes by 90 percent.

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