BioTRUST AbsorbMax™ Advanced Digestive Enzyme Complex



Maximize Nutrient Absorption, Combat Food Intolerances, And Soothe GI Distress

AbsorbMax Advanced Digestive Enzyme Complex:

  • Supports Optimal Nutrient Breakdown and Absorption.
  • Assists Digestive & Immune Health.
  • Combats Food Intolerances that May Inhibit Fat Loss.

AbsorbMax™ is a complete blend of 16 distinct intestinal enzymes whose essential components have actually been shown to help your body completely digest and use the most important nutrients contained in the foods you eat.

One Capsule of Absorbmax at each meal encourages:

Optimal protein breakdown and absorption from meat,dairy and vegetable sources through a powerful mix of 5 powerful enzymes that ensure each protein is available in its absorbable peptide and free amino acid form.

Optimal carb and fiber digestion and absorption through a total of 10 special carb enzymes that ensure maximized absorption of nutrients from every carbohydrate you consume.

Optimal dietary fat breakdown and absorption via active enzymes that cover an extensive range.

A unique enzyme to totally breakdown lactose from milk while at the same time minimizing or removing gas and bloating that is regularly connected with these foods.

GlutenGone — A powerful combination of 2 distinct enzymes unequaled in their capability to completely digest the protein gluten, assisting those with gluten intolerance and avoiding the hazardous effects of this destructive protein.

Improved absorption of health-promoting, age-defying, and disease-fighting multi vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants from all foods.

AbsorbMax™contains an additional 3 effective support nutrients that not just aid each enzyme, but also improve absorption of key nutrients into the cells of the body – improving metabolism and fat-burning.

Cayenne Pepper – a popular, active compound is also known as an extract called capsaicin. Capsaicin has demonstrated to boost digestive tract blood flow by over 15%, assisting in improvement of vitamins and mineral delivery to the various cells in the body that need them.

Coral Trace Elements – Coral Trace minerals are all-natural (unlike artificial mineral supplements) and naturally contain the complete spectrum of trace elements. Benefits include improved heart and blood circulation as well as clean the digestion system.

Ginger –  a common nutrient that has been received numerous research studies to reduce inflammation of the digestive system, improving digestion and immune function.


 BioTrust AbsorbMax Supplement Facts



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