Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management Supplement



IC-5™Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management

  • Increases Insulin Sensitivity

  • Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

  • Converts Carbs to Muscle, Not Fat

The powerful natural ingredients in IC-5 have been found to be comparable in effectiveness to the leading oral diabetic drug, Metformin™.



The actions of IC-5 in helping to control blood sugar levels include:

  • Replicating the action of insulin;
  • Improved breakdown of glucose at the cellular level;
  • More efficient insulin response to blood sugar;
  • Lowers fasting blood sugar levels;
  • Decreasing fasting insulin levels;
  • Reducing  insulin resistance;
  • Slowing absorption of sugar in the digestive tract;

Cinnamon Extract

  • The bark  from the Indonesian Cinnamomum burmannii replicates the role of insulin; it also:
  • Effectively balances manage blood sugar levels, especially after a meal high in carbohydrates.
  • Improves glucose delivery to the cells in the muscles, providing a source of energy and fuel.
  • Speeds up glucose metabolism by up to 20-fold, keeping blood sugar levels low and increasing the use of body fat for energy and caloric expenditure.
  • Gets rid of glucose in a more efficient manner.
  • This results in a significantly lower blood glucose response to high glycemic/high carbohydrate foods.


  •  Berberine is a rare plant alkaloid used for hundreds of years in India and  in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Berberine regulates insulin secretion and increases insulin response to glucose  in the blood stream; removing sugar from the blood at a faster rate
  • Berberine increases the number of insulin receptors in the body, transporting more sugar from blood to muscles at a faster rate.
  • In a recent study, Berberine demonstrated to be as effecitve reducing the hypogycemic effect as leading diabetes drugs, this included:
  • 21% decrease in the long term measure of blood sugar control;
  • 35% lower fasting blood sugar levels;
  • 28% decrease in fasting insulin levels ;
  • 44.7% decrease in Insulin Resistance

Pterocarpus Marsupium Extract (Indian Kino Tree)

  • Indian Kino Tree is a leading natural treatment of diabetes mellitus by Ayurvedic physicians in India.
  • Reduces the sugar absorption in the digestive tract and increases insulin production
  • It is effective in cell regeneration, allowing full and healthy function of the pancreas.
  • It has been found in to decrease blood sugar levels 2 hours after a meal and by over 20%
  • As effective as leading manufactured diabetic drugs in lowering blood sugar.

4-hydroxy-isoleucine (4HI) (Fenugreek)


  • 4-hydroxy-isoleucine is a natural phytochemical isolated from an herb called fenugreek, also known as Trigonella foenum-graecum L.
  • Fenugreek is an herb that is highly produced in Arabic regions and India.
  • 4HI may decrease insulin resistance by up to 53%.
  • Prevents some of the absorption of glucose through the gut and digestive tract and into the blood stream.
  • Proven to enhance glycogen breakdown in muscle cells following exercise; increasing glycogen storage and reducing fat storage.

R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid (LA)

  • Increase glucose uptake in muscle cells, allowing more efficient energy conversion
  •  LA improved insulin sensitivity by 25% after one month  of treatment.
  • Studies suggests that the R-isomer of LA may be effective in improving insulin sensitivity.



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